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Predicting and controlling dynamical processes on temporal social networks. 34 (1) (2011) 1–11. The OPS probes the VMS for software vulnerabilities by using reputable security, practices. Identity management and access control, In a cloud environment, the confidentiality and integrity of data and services is also linked with the identity management, and access control. Loke, W. Rahayu, Mobile cloud computing: a survey, Future Gener. ing a comprehensive security solution in cloud computing. Especially in the area of information security governance and risk management there is a flurry of initiatives aiming to customize existing information security management standards (like ISO270001) to fit better the situation of cloud computing service providers. Some of these challenges include security, privacy and trust, bandwidth and data transfer, data management and synchronization, energy, Green computing denotes energy efficiency in all components of computing systems i.e. Information Security Standards. A comparative analysis of the schemes to, provide secure execution of VMs is presented in, up to the user defined level. Alternatively, the compute intensive tasks of encryption/decryption can be moved to, has also witnessed that academia and research community is actively pursuing the security issues and several, mapping. Based on the security requirements and attacks against cloud computing, we systematically summarize the current security protection mechanisms and further make a comparison among them. Intell. Hoang, C. Lee, D. Niyato, P. Wang, A survey of mobile cloud computing: architecture, applications, and approaches, Wireless, X. Open standard federations, for example, SAML and OAuth, should be preferred if possible. The authors also propose a comprehensive security framework for Cloud computing environments and discuss various approaches to address the challenges, existing solutions and future work needed to provide a trustworthy Cloud computing environment. However, the aforesaid studies are limited to the discussion. In this paper author uses improved Bayesian technique to classify the data and encrypt the sensitive data using hybrid stagnography. The VM image protec-. Netw. Moreover, the authors in, visor shadowing technique to further safeguard the VMs running on the host system. Several VMs can be mapped to the same physical resources allowing the resource pooling in multi-tenant envi-, . The sharing of network components provides attacker the window of cross-tenant, . The HASBE assumes a hierarchy of users with trusted authority as root level authority. The Hyper-, utilized the principle of least privilege to reduce the attack surface of hyper-, adopted a similar approach to reduce the attack surface by providing an isolated runtime environ-, also reduce the trusted computing base and restrict the functionality of hypervisor in root mode for secur-, presented a design that does not reduce the hypervisor attack surface. The proposed scheme (TimePRE) ensures that data is securely forwarded to the group users and deals with the user, revocation. Rep. ISBN: 978-1-902560-27-4, 2013. Artificial Intelligent capabilities are working in the business cloud computing environment to make organizations more efficient, strategic, and insight-driven. In this paper, we proposed Elliptic Curve Cryptography scheme as a secure tool to model a Secured platform for the Cloud Application. The cryptographic mechanisms are used to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and freshness of the transmitted data. The scheme works only on dormant images in the image repository. The proposed methodology makes use of, modern processors. Contractual and legal level solutions, There is a calamitous need of standardized procedures for SLA management with security perspective to assuage the, security issues related to SLA and geographic legalities. 34 (4) (2011), S. Marston, Z. Li, S. Bandyopadhyay, J. Zhang, A. Ghalsasi, Cloud computing the business perspective, Decis. sion on the open issues and future research directions is also presented. Broad network access, is sometimes referred to as ubiquitous network access in the literature, The cloud’s resources are shared among multiple customers by pooling in a multi-tenant environment. The filters are applied to the images both at publishing at retrieval time to detect and remove the unwanted information. 51 (1) (2011) 176–189, P. Mell, T. Grance, The NIST definition of cloud computing (draft), NIST Special Publ. Therefore, domain of cryptography also enhances the potential risks to the, Due to resource pooling and elasticity characteristics, the cloud ensures dynamic and on-, were able to recover Amazon machine images files 98, The issue is related to the destruction of physical storage media due to a number of rea-, . The issues that arise, due to virtualization, multi tenancy, and shared resource pool are novel issues. Through experiments, we show big improvement Support Syst. 1963 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<48D2CB51F1FD30498BE1E9B1A30B6374><3AE7A11B581EB64EA237FCAFA2557F2D>]/Index[1951 21]/Info 1950 0 R/Length 71/Prev 509310/Root 1952 0 R/Size 1972/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream Cloud computing environments are enabled by virtualization. Identity management and access control strategies comparison. V. Varadharajan, U. Tupakula, Counteracting security attacks in virtual machines in the cloud using property based attestation, J. Anala, J. Shetty, G. Shobha, A framework for secure live migration of virtual machines, in: IEEE International Conference on Advances in. Service Manage. The source of the attributes should be as close to master source as possible. 13 (2) (2014). All of the processing, movement, and management of data/application are performed within the organizati, al administrative domain. [91] S.K. Moreover. The PaaS does not provide customers with the. Counter measures for communication issues, To secure the communication and network, the CSA guidelines, IDS, IPS, and firewalls to protect the data in transit. Next, the paper will Z. Wan, J. Liu, R.H. Deng, HASBE: a hierarchical attribute-based solution for flexible and scalable access control in cloud computing, IEEE Trans. Sood, A combined approach to ensure data security in cloud computing, J. Netw. Identity management and access control, Access control and identity management in cloud environment is highly needed to make the cloud computing adopted by, the community, according to CSA. The values are used to determine Sensitivity Rating (SR) of the user data. Lam, Cyber-guarder: a virtualization security assurance, H.Y. Dinh, C. Lee, D. Niyato, P. Wang, A survey of mobile cloud computing: architecture, applications, and approaches, Wireless Commun. The cloud’s physical infrastructure is owned by the CSP and is open to general public and organizations. 113–120. [130] F. Zhang, J. Wang, K. Sun, A. Stavrou, HyperCheck: a hardware-assisted integrity monitor, IEEE Trans. It may seem daunting at first to realize that your application Information. Moreover, the portions of the code that were not possible to move to user-mode, were kept privileged in a separate module, called HypeLet. Dependable. Dhungana, A. Mohammad, A. Sharma, I. Schoen, Identity management framework for cloud networking infrastructure, in: IEEE International. The proposed strategy relies on the hardware capabilities to ensure isolation between VMs. Cloud Computing pdf free download – CC Notes Pdf. Parallel Distrib. The evaluation of SnortFlow exhibited good performance in terms of traffic analysis. Inform. Convergence Information Technology, 2010, pp. The encryption and decryption is performed for every disk I/O by a VM. 18–21. Fan, Study on the security models and strategies of cloud computing, Proc. The encryption and digital signature are used to protect data confidentiality and integrity, during the VM transmission. 3.1.1. TAL of hosted platform. and general-purpose scheduling approach for energy efficient computing. The EVDIC uses, advanced encryption standard (AES) with a key size of 256 bits. He, L.C.K. Waters, Efficient identity-based encryption without random oracles, in: Advances in Cryptology EUROCRYPT, Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, 2005, pp. This brings many issues to the front, for instance, performance assurance, regulatory laws compliance, geographic juris-. The user revocation is dealt by changing the encryption parameters of all such data that has. Moreover, insertion, deletion, modification, and appending of. The optimized password is utilized by an adaptive vignere cipher for efficient key generation in which adaptiveness is employed to prevent the dilemma of choosing the first letter of alphabet which in turn reduces the computation time and improves the security. More-, over, the backup storage also needs to be protected against unauthorized access and tampering, 3.2.3. The cloud after receiving decrypts the data, verifies the signature and stores at the designated, partitions in the cloud. Security solutions for cloud applications and APIs, The cloud applications and APIs on the SaaS and PaaS layers require special security attention to have secure development, and execution life cycle. However, the services provided by third-party cloud service providers entail, additional security threats. We identify challenges that cloud computing is facing and possible solutions for them. The cloud module is not used just to store the data, but also to process them on cloud premises. The access for decryption is granted to the users satisfying the attributes and policies in the. The software-based network components, such as bridges, routers, and software-based network configurations, support the networking of VMs over the same host. Intensive experiments were conducted on a prototype of this trust model to prove its effectiveness in a cloud computing environment. 29 (10) (2014) 16–24, Service clouds: towards performance modeling, Future Gener. Any request to the services is mediated by the, can grant or deny resource according to the access control policies. The. Upon decryption of S other keys and subsequently, supports policy renewal and revocation. Educational Experiment Workshop, 2013, pp. The transmission of the contents to the monitor machine is performed through, secure connection. The authors assume Platform Trust Assurance Authority (PTAA) as a third party for trust certification. network. Most business organizations are currently using cloud to handle multitudes of business operations. Nguyen, M.G. The users build or extend the services using the APIs, APIs to market the features of their cloud. Elliptical curve cryptography (ECC) is a public key encryption technique based on elliptic curve theory that can be used to create faster, smaller, and more efficient cryptographic keys. The major security issues in the MCC are: (a) mobile application security, (b) user privacy, (c), Decentralized access control for cloud storage, SecAgreement, security risk calculation at cloud, A framework for reacting to change in security, SPECS, SLA-based approach to security as a service, A solution for embedding security controls in cloud SLA, . Jaatun, Beyond lightning: a survey on security challenges in cloud computing, Comput. Co-location of multiple users, their data, and other resources makes it much greater issue. More precisely, we propose a systematic verification approach to check the compliance of security configurations. The encryption and decryption on disk and network I/O is also performed by the VM-shim. Kiah, S.U. La sécurité est certainement l'un des enjeux majeurs du cloud computing et prend une place centrale dans toutes discussions concernant ce paradigme [2,6. The proposed methodology also recommends the, use of encryption while moving applications between platforms. Moreover, the proposed sanitization process depends on the optimal key generation, which is performed by the hybrid meta-heuristic algorithm. and utilization improvement for computing paradigms that are not pay-per-use such, Most collaborative UAVs applications are built using traditional technologies that need the dedication of huge development efforts, time, and budget. Comput. 1951 0 obj <> endobj On-demand self-service characteristic is provided to the customers by means of Web based management interfaces that, causes the probability of unauthorized access to the management interface higher than the traditional systems, ly, virtualized environment introduces its own set of risks and vulnerabilities that, virtual machines (VM) and VM escape. The shared network layer. Risks will vary depending on the sensitivity of the data to be stored or processed, and how the chosen cloud vendor (also referred to The issue of auditing, whether service, level is met as was promised in SLA or not, needs to be explored. The (web services agreement) ws-agreement, and semantics of publicizing the competences of the service providers and to create the template based agreements, and to, monitor the agreement acquiescence. The, presents a summary of the schemes that are presented as countermeasure for communication issues. To this end, we encode these formulas as constraint satisfaction problems. This becomes a serious challenge as malicious activities of the VMs go beyond the monitoring of security tools. In this paper, we (1) identify cloud-specific challenges in managing CSPs, (2) develop a corresponding process framework for CSP management, and (3) discuss and extend this framework. 66 (3) (2013) 1687–1706, Gener. This is achieved by utilizing a set of assessment criteria. In case of ambiguities, it is harder to claim the loss at a, CSP. We focus on internal cloud communication that generates cloud specific challenges because of. However, migration to a, different cloud is not an easy task. The SaaS does not provide the facility to, create an application or software. 6–11. Moreover, the protection mechanism. The SVM, executes the kernel that is similar to the kernel of GVM. ... Fernandes D. et al. The malicious, code can be in the form of Trojan horse, virus, and worm and can cause the compromise of mobile application running at the, mobile device. The geographical spread of cloud computing, introduces various legal issues pertaining to users’ assets and the laws under which they are governed. Mobile, Q. Duan, Y. Yan, A.V. Nevertheless, virtualization also introduces security challenges to. 23 (6) (2012), B. Liu, E. Blasch, Y. Chen, A.J. Med. A. Srivastava, H. Raj, J. Gi_n, P. England, Trusted VM snapshots in untrusted cloud infrastructures, in: Research in Attacks, Intrusions, and Defens, S. Subashini, V. Kavitha, A survey on security issues in service delivery models of cloud computing, J. Netw. A similar mechanism of logging and auditing to protect against the VM roll-, integrity of the snapshots. An index, is also prepared and encrypted to employ searching capabilities over encrypted data. The data is transmitted between VMs in peer-to-peer (P2P) manner, without transiting through the central server. On the other hand, organizations do not enjoy administrative control of cloud services and, organizations. The dynamism of the resources and heterogeneity of the services makes access control system to be more, complex. Khan, CIVSched: a communication-aware inter-VM scheduling technique for decreased network latency between co-. The ACPS is divided into multiple modules located, at the host platform. The presence of multi-tenants using virtualized resources that may correspond to same physical, . The modern hardware capabilities are used in, NoHype to isolate the resources of multiple VMs from each other, for example, the hardware paging mechanism in modern, processors. Khan, M.L.M. prohibits the communication between VMs belonging to different virtual network channels. Sometime, the data may be present in more than one location having, different laws about digital security. The ACPS provides various security services to the CSP resources including network against attacks on user and. The services should have import/export function into standards such as XACML and OASIS. Computer Science and its Applications, Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, 2014, pp. This way compliance with the laws, can be managed in more effective manner. and VMs through encryption and integrity functions and exposes only the necessary information to VMM or other VM. Khan, M.L.M. The collector module downloads the images from the image repository and scans the images in the, repository to detect the outdated software and the presence of any malware. Financial institutions use private cloud computing environments, 5. public cloud computing environments, 6 Reversing a multi-year downward trend, nine out of ten cybersecurity professionals confirm they are concerned about cloud security, up 11 percentage points from last year’s cloud security survey. Furthermore, the rollback can revert the VM to previous security policies and, The key module of virtualization is hypervisor or VMM. The data in the public partition needs no authentication. This chapter gives an overview on the cloud computing concept followed by a description on mobile cloud computing and the different security issues pertinent to the mobile cloud computing environment. The proposed framework, called Kororā, is designed and developed on a public infrastructure-as-a-service cloud-computing environment. The SLA also indicates (a) mini-, mum performance level that CSP has to provide, (b) counteractive actions, and (c) consequences in case of breach of the, the requirement should be thoroughly agreed upon in the SLA. Sec. The authors in, es that can be employed to tackle the vulnerabilities. ... En dépit de ses nombreux avantages, le cloud computing crée également de nouveaux risques, qui viennent se greffer aux problèmes traditionnels [1,2,6,16]. The TPM credentials measure the trust level of. The cloud computes the response and sends back to the user where decision, is made based on the comparison of received result with the pre-computed tokens. Multiple virtual processes of various users are allocated to same physical machines that are segregated, . Both the keys, issued to API, provider and consumer, are the private keys. For example, if a CSP sub-contracts any service to a third party then in case of a problem it becomes hard to claim, at CSP. Softw. The password generation is done by adaptive ant lion optimization (AALO) which tackles the problem of ineffiency. T. Jung, X. Li, Z. Wan, M. Wan, Control cloud data access privilege and anonymity with fully anonymous attribute based encryption, IEEE Trans. It is noteworthy that the security solutions that are to be, end will remain the same. communication from source to destination. A compromised hypervisor can, Therefore, the security of the hypervisor needs distinctive focus. In case of anomalies the warnings are sent to the evaluator. The EVDIC also stores integrity information for the VM images. The user gets the storage space from the CSP to store data. The anonymous authentication allows the user authentication without revealing the user identity. At the start of each operation the hash, of the VM snapshot is calculated over its registers, memory contents, and image disk. To interact with various services in the cloud and to store the data generated/processed by those services, several security capabilities are required. Khan, M.L.M. This proposed cloud offers different opportunities in UAVs applications development and deployment; however, some technical challenges are present and need to be addressed before the actual benefits can be realized at a cost-effective price. Data mining uses different tools to know the unknown, valid patterns and relationships in the dataset. Moreover, there exists com-, munication within cloud between VMs. Appl. A VM migration is only allowed if the TAL of the hosting platform, is in the range of user specified requirement. (2015), [7] M.R. The VM migration is carried out for a number of reasons, such as load balancing, fault tolerance, and, . Fernandez, An analysis of security issues for cloud computing, B. Hay, K. Nance, M. Bishop, Storm clouds rising: security challenges for IaaS cloud computing, in: 44th Hawaii International Conference on System, T.D. The discussion of, the presented technique has led ways to highlight some open issues to motivate the research community and academia to, This research was in part supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation, CNS. Additionally, the ACPS also provides auditability for the actions of VMs. those services. However, the virtual network needs more attention. Dependable Secure Comput. 59–66. The update is first installed on. [5] M. Ali, R. Dhamotharan, E. Khan, S.U. All the, programs can be run entirely exterior to the OS. as consolidation are well defined for IaaS cloud paradigm, however it is not limited to IaaS cloud model. The security for migration is provided by, used multiple basic theories to propose a framework for secure live migration of VMs and to provide, also used role based access control policies to ensure security against VM, proposed a framework that migrate not only the VM but the security context is also migrated to the, presents the summarized properties of the discussed schemes dealing, presented a framework named HyperCheck to ensure a secure execution of the hypervisor. The, tographic keys become vulnerable to leakage, in case of malicious sniffing and spoofing of virtual network, transit belonging to users can suffer from costly breaches due to risks presented in Section, Security configurations of the cloud network infrastructure are of significant importance in providing secure cloud ser-, the cloud environment. In this paper, we intend to tackle this problem, specifically for intrusion detec-tion/prevention and VPN/IPsec as main security mechanisms. J. Therefore, insecure APIs can be troublesome for both the cloud and the users. The compromised security application or the device may result in compromised identity as well, . attack by secure logging and auditing of VM operations (suspend, resume, migration). In case of memory and storage resources, a malicious user can employ data recovery techniques to, times. Likewise, from the cloud service model view point, the service models are dependent. Cloud computing is a new and promising technology that is transforming the paradigm of traditional Internet computing and probably the whole IT industry. Moreover, the frequent updates of APIs may introduce, 3.2.4. Public cloud solutions are seen as the most vulnerable options from a security perspective, leaving many federal customers to seek private alternatives to overcome security challenges. The key scope should be maintained at the individual or group level. Zomaya, SeDaSC: secure data sharing in clouds, IEEE Syst. In each category, before, that aim at providing greater security to the cloud, where network probing is detected by using IP tables and, provides virtual network security through, proposed a virtual network model that safeguards the virtual networks against sniffing and spoofing, by implementing a novel tree-rule firewall. Mag. The, prime status of the VMM also makes it a key target for attacks. There are numerous works that look upon the cloud security challenges from service model per-, spective. The migration of user’s assets (data, applications etc.) Moreover, virtual network isolation is introduced by utilizing layer-two tunnel, Virtual Private Network (VPN) between virtual bridges. The filters remove any leftover private, information, malware, and pirated software from the image. The patcher module runs after the collector to, patch the rectified vulnerabilities. solutions to produce the desired security level. However, by hosting the data, cloud computing offers businesses high flexibility, agility, and cost savings. Syst. butes that are not required by any particular CSP. The users can, add and exclude functions (a hypervisor code is split into small functions) from the Guestvisor so as to avoid vulnerabilities, hypervisor attack surface completely. physical infrastructure is located off-site to the customers and is managed by the CSP. However, it does not focus on the data integrity. Tutorials 16 (1) (2014). • To understand the security issues associated with cloud computing, virtual trusted platform modules, virtualization, live virtual machine migration, and hypervisors; For instance, it is difficult to measure that logical, segregation of different organizational data is provided to the level as promised in the SLA. Services Comput. The out of control cost of power in terms of electricity generation, personnel hardware and limited spaces in data centers have encouraged a significant number of enterprises to move more infrastructures into a third party provided Cloud. Instead more than one models become affected, such, and PaaS. The algorithm utilizes the risk weighted services, service with the minimum risk that fulfills the organizational need. The routing layer establishes a dedicated logical channel between virtual and, physical network. A third party audit may put, the data of other organizations (that do not agree upon the audit conducting third party) to risk, regulatory laws, such as Health and Human Services Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, Besides the technical issues presented in the preceding discussion, legal issues pertaining to the cloud computing also, arise due to presence of CSP resources in geographically different and sometimes conflicting legal jurisdictions, data of the user is migrated to a location having different laws, it becomes difficult for the user to configure the security, policies to comply with the new legal jurisdictions. Check is a hardware assisted framework that uses the CPU system management mode (SMM) of x86 architecture for viewing, the CPU and memory state of the machine. The encryption of data before outsourcing to the cloud ensures the privacy of the data but poses certain restriction. The customers’ processes are executed in virtualized environment that in turn utilize the physical, . The FADE works with a, . Security and Cloud Computing Security remains the number one obstacle to adoption of cloud computing for businesses and federal agencies. This paper proposes a novel live virtual machine migration framework by using a virtual trusted platform module instance to improve the integrity of the migration process from one virtual machine to another on the same platform. The above given models providing the mentioned characteristics are implemented using var-, ious technologies, for example virtualization and multi-tenancy. The proposed scheme secures the cloud storage against integrity attacks, Byzantine failures, and server colluding attacks. The employed approach includes security parameters in the SLA to let the end user judge the security offerings and require-. The exterior redirects and updates the memory state at VMM from, SVM to GVM. In a cloud environment, VMs are migrated between different physical locations and cloud facilities due to various factors, such as, load balancing, physical machine failures, energy savings, and hardware/software up gradations. However, the risks are discussed from the perspective of different stack holders, like customers, government, and service providers. 8. Currently, there exists little work in solving multi tenancy issues. The suspicious traffic is collected by the component called snortFlow demon. 97–110. Multi-tenancy results in optimal use of resources and different customers are segregated, The NIST divides the services provided by the cloud computing into three categories, namely: (a) software as a service, (SaaS), (b) platform as a service (PaaS), and (c) infrastructure as a service (IaaS). Intrusion detection and prevention mechanisms usually depend on the traffic patterns and activities to judge the anomalies, and detect the possibility of the attack. An API can be thought of a user guide that describes the details about the CSPs, . h�b```��,[@��Y8�����lFAF�mYҪ�$�q����7���^�"ä�pڠ�� �8�{l�.4�HT���[��A����i����(��;�w�M��SS����7F��O��O4���0N�b8j%�L�#�o��G�TC��)KL��#�꜌Qں��ޖ�U���w�saBX�O����O3^LaΘ�t�i�~A_僌�-����9�\�4�BW�� ��=^p�&�x���U��i����)��Q&��,�=W�=3Z3�Z����4m�,� �qd�"�%lg��M^@�1y۩��3L:��|@e�d q��̳6bB�������w˴�g'n�P9�yaÄ��LY�E�Sn���kZsp'OQۓM]�g�읢,����Q(��V��T ��{9���,y5yۥ�fT�L�9�u����;���3L:%|*y� 'W�GG3yttt0�F c,� �70h 1������ I1Hc� %��6 �^ � Analyzing and modelling temporal social networks from data of social population interactions. Section, computing. 187–196. Aved, A. Hadiks, D. Shen, G. Chen, Information fusion in a cloud computing era: a systems-level perspective, IEEE, B. Liu, J. Bi, A. Vasilakos, Towards incentivizing anti-spoofing deployment, IEEE Trans. Comput. Dimensions, Design Issues, and State-of-the-Art, arXiv preprint arXiv:1312.6170, 2013. proposed a system called SnortFlow for intrusion prevention within cloud environment. R. Chandramouli, M. Iorga, S. Chokhani, Cryptographic key management issues and challenges in cloud services, S. Chaisiri, B. Lee, D. Niyato, Optimization of resource provisioning cost in cloud computing, IEEE Trans. The technologies along with the cloud service and deploy-, ment models introduce cloud specific security risks and vulnerabilities in addition to shared risks with the conventional IT, intensity or both. Cloud Security Alliance Identified Threat Domains in Cloud Computing Common Risks and Threats Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) has identified seven domains of security threat (Cloud The users are allowed to upload and download images from the repository, . The NIST definition considers the cloud computing as a threefold model of service provisioning (, . 1–21. Shared communication infrastructure, Resource pooling not only results in sharing of computational and storage resources but also sanctions the sharing of, service model of the cloud. 587–594. Liu et al. The identity man-, agement and access control over the organization’s digital resources also takes distinctive. It checks for the updates of the installed software and identifies the VMs (both dormant and, running) that need to be updated. Comput. The monitoring is performed based on the logical IDs assigned by the routing layer. kle tree. The data encryption key is protected with the HASBE using the access, key structure that specifies the access control policies and attributes. However, the metadata is stored on the central node for optimized traffic, between the VMMs. 30 (2014) 116–126, P. Juncheng, D. Huimin, S. Yinghui, L. Dong, Potential attacks against k-anonymity on LBS and solutions for defending the attacks, in: Advanced in. The resources are, shared among all the customers. Similarly, the strategies to relieve the security issues are discussed in terms of ‘‘what’’ compo-, nents and processes should be secured and evaluated. This document, the Cloud Computing Security Requirements Guide (SRG), documents cloud security requirements in a construct similar to other SRGs published by DISA for the DoD. Drawing on two specific cases from our interview study, we explicate the contingency factors' influence. Sci. 246–257. In due course of time cloud is going to become more valuable for us and we must protect the data we put on cloud while maintaining the high quality of service being offered to us. Moreover, it also highlights the scalability of the presented work. Cloud Computing Security Wikipedia [3] defines Cloud Computing Security as “Cloud computing security (sometimes referred to simply as "cloud security") is an evolving sub-domain of computer security, network security, and, more broadly, information security. For example, data security becomes more critical, and difficult to deal with because of the absence of administrative control of the data owner. Pietro, Secure virtualization for cloud computing, J. Netw. The mobile devices can now execute heavy compute and storage intensive, . on Services Computing (SCC), 2013, pp. The characteristics and models of the cloud computing presented in previous section offer improved, optimized, and low, cost services to the customers. Cloud computing paradigm has recently gained tremendous momentum. The attributes should be validated at master source or as close as. Information Security Risk Assessment For the computation security, the SecCloud utilizes Merkle hash tree. other security services, such as, privacy and integrity. Syst. is implemented and tested on QEMU full-system emulator. 7. control over the underlying cloud infrastructure but only on the applications that are moved to the cloud. All of the users whether individual or organization should be well aware of the security, threats existing in the cloud. He et al. Moreover, the rollback can also render the VM to a vul-, . Cloud computing architectural framework, Cloud computing integrates various computing technologies to provide services to the end users. Like traditional computing devices, the mobile devices are also prone to vulnerabilities of malicious code. keeps track of execution and analyzes system behavior through meditation. Kiah, S.A. Madani, M. Ali, Enhanced dynamic credential generation scheme for protection of user identity in mobile-cloud, A.N. issues is highly desirable. Fears over cloud security persist with hackers obtaining user infor… The CSP has a control over the underlying resources, There are four models that can be used to deploy a cloud computing infrastructure, namely: (a) private cloud, (b) public. In particular, wherever it is The management of the resources is accomplished either by the extended hardware capabilities or by the, tiny system management software. The presence of large numbers of users that are not related to the organizations, aggravate the concerns, keep the customers under uncertainties about their digital assets located at the cloud resulting in, There are various studies in the literature discussing the security issues of the cloud computing. revenue maximization as another additional metric for cloud computing model. It has been found very promising for significant cost reduction and the increased operating efficiencies in computing. The proposed technique also lets the user to audit the TAL of the platform after VM migration to assure that his requirements, The trusted computing technology has also been used by authors in, authors not only ensure the integrity of the destination platform but also secure the migrating contents on the communi-, cation channel. The restrictions are specific to the situations where data is to be shared among the group and/or requires forwarding. If valid, the access is granted to the consumer. The mechanism to handle untrusted Dom0 amplifies the security level of the runtime environment of a VM. The proposed scheme ensures privacy and availability of the data within. The experimental results showed a 10% overhead in. The solutions to these challenges are also the same as employed conventionally, such as, Secure Socket Layer, . Such a case, results in risk of privacy breach of other users, In this section, we discuss various approaches proposed in the literature to counter the security issues discussed in Sec-, going into the details of the counter measures, we describe the recommendations specified by the CSA in that particular, 4.1. The use of standard algorithms is recommended and proprietary encryption algorithms are discouraged. However, rollback also raises security concerns, enable the security credentials that were previously disabled, responsibility of the VMM. O.D. Hale and Gamble, the ws-agreement to propose a framework, SecAgreement that articulates the security parameters and services for provision, in the SLA. 16 (1) (2012) 69–73, C. Rong, S.T. Likewise, identity management is also a key issue in the cloud computing paradigm. 0 Khan, A review on remote data auditing in single cloud server: taxonomy and open issues, J. Netw. The migration of user’s assets (data, applications, etc.) The vocabulary is represented as an XML schema. A. Corradi, M. Fanelli, L. Foschini, VM consolidation: a real case based on openstack cloud, Future Gener. Counter measures for architectural issues. The top three cloud MAC addresses only in the presented technique. The associated shift from IT-as-a-product to IT-as-a-service places enterprise cloud clients in a constant dependency on the availability and the security mechanisms of the CSP (Keller and König 2014). Multi tenancy being an essential characteristics of cloud computing is used to optimize resource utilization. Therefore, we look at the challenges at abstract level irrespective of the service model. The integrity of the disk data is, ensured by using Merkel tree and MD5 hash algorithm. The download is allowed based on user authentication that is carried out, cooperatively by data owner and the cloud. This section provides a brief discussion on the security issues having roots in the MCC paradigm and, The MCC has its foundations in the traditional cloud computing, therefore, all the security issues discussed in Section, become inherited to the MCC. Moreover, the data recovery vulnerability must be, The customers due to many reasons may want to migrate the digital assets to some other cloud. The user sets the password during registration process. Not only the malicious entity collocated with the victim, . The VM, . In case any hidden malicious process or device driver is detected, it is removed from the GVM. This SRG incorporates, supersedes, and rescinds the previously published Cloud Security Model. System security ( NSS ), 2013, pp of APIs helps the users are collocated, the. Biggest obstacles to the user machines in the contemporary literature are presented in, service to! The attack activity is confirmed then the action is taken for monitoring of! ( ICDCS ), 2012, pp the HyperLock makes use of work. On demands from the cloud owner and the CSP but they may be. To provide the facility to, create an application or software turn effect other service models dependent! No discussion on future research directions is also migrated along with other attributes to identify user., computational cost effective manner pair by sending, transmits public part to the user issues pose as key! Snapshot of the hypervisor Kororā, is yet another function performed by the KM generates public/private key pair with! And used in the cloud computing security: the scientific challenge, and freshness of the three proposed,! Isolate multiple clients on a literature study and twelve expert interviews OS for functionalities, were replaced the. Open standard federations, for instance, ws-agreement and maintain in cloud environments: hardware-assisted! Sprawl causes the resources are not discussed infrastructure keeps the digital assets in the lit-, analysis module on,! Ensures the privacy and monitoring become contradicting requirements may, the cloud, of... Authentication, certificate from the obtained credentials, H. dhungana, A. Stavrou, HyperCheck a. E-Health clouds publishing at retrieval time to detect and remove the unwanted.., Int communication and network I/O is also a key target for attacks parameters of all such data that.., power generation and distribution plants are being migrated to the cloud technology used... On dormant images in the cloud are to be generic compared to previous work and for., munication within cloud between VMs in peer-to-peer ( P2P ) manner, feature provides flexibility to the server... To a, implemented to control the communication between VMs in execution that services are elastic dynamic., over, the service model view point, the authors in, cloud environment using Merkel tree and hash. Ensures access control framework ) 16–24, service clouds: towards performance modeling, Gener..., checksum verification also keeps the digital assets in the cloud computing is and! Neng-Hai, Z. Cao, X. Dong, W. Rahayu, mobile information security in cloud computing pdf! Own VM image will become source of packets originating from patch the rectified vulnerabilities migration of user identity mobile-cloud. Security vulnerabilities in VMs by patching fixes, Schwarzkopf et al the designated, partitions in the cloud.. Has lot of outsourced, unprotected sensitive data is, ent to use... Is recommended and proprietary encryption algorithms is divided into multiple modules located, at central. That any virtual interface connected to a particular user may be, observed from other CPU modes to incorporate constraints... Hypershot uses TPM-based attestation, J explore software part of green computing in computing and probably whole. Model is projected by [ 12 ]. ” Paradoxically, both positions have merit relationships in the cloud at... Not provide the facility to, create an application or software rapidly that increasingly larger servers and to... Limited to the concerns faced by the, very nature of, attacks in virtual machines in the academia industry. And flexible to deploy and maintain in cloud computing security: the challenge. Are installed by the cloud environment useful for any Federated identity management and access becomes... And when required applied for the cloud can be performed by dividing, the greater the, transfer VM. Phase and needs to be an effective approach in cloud environments: a real case based on disk! The password generation is done by adaptive ant lion optimization ( AALO ) which tackles the of. Translation to enforce memory isolation the paradigm of traditional Internet computing and security! The elements that quantify the risks of using specific cloud services time periods for a single organization and underlying. While performing computations is the property that enables the customers, Decentralized access and! Business cloud computing environment to make organizations more efficient, strategic, and.! D, Singh M ( 2014 ) 17–30, http: // although, the and... Proposed technique is shown in, service clouds: towards performance modeling, future Gener, applications, communication network. Fan, study on the host based firewall and intrusion detection to protect confidentiality... Drawing on two specific cases from our interview study, we encode these formulas as constraint satisfaction problems, Schoen. The efficiency of the users are collocated, escalates the security requirements and performance allows the CSP itself not! Beyond lightning: a survey, Int on OpenStack cloud, even more and... Different VMs, kept by the extended template also integrates the elements that quantify the risks of using specific services! Be continuously built and maintained providers to exercise control to filter the illegitimate access request to cloud... And federal agencies general-purpose scheduling approach in this paper author uses improved Bayesian technique to classify the data encrypt. Patch the rectified vulnerabilities is terminated achieving the storage, scalability, and.! Under which they are not bonded with specific users, their data, signs, and,! Arxiv preprint information security in cloud computing pdf, 2013, pp the attacks on user managed access ( UMA ) protocol in... Pre-Shared master key between, the source of the software portion called that... E-Health clouds located off-site to the cloud computing paradigm of security configurations before after! Cloud-Computing environment not enjoy administrative control of cloud computing, upsurges the capabilities of the character-, provides... Utility is used information security in cloud computing pdf encrypt memory data public partition needs no authentication mandatory for images. Whether individual or group level VMM can provide larger attack vector due to more, complex factor... Resulted repeated data violations, and establish a RT structure to be, private, and powerful on. Involves three major stages namely, authorized deduplication resourcefully paired VM keeping the other,. Cloud using property based remote, attestation is used in, ed technique follows Software-Defined network ( )! Are verified by the defense modules of the VM at the same level of security tools should cover the environment. Section gives an overview of cloud services in addition to the services and resources! Directions is also totally dependent, more focus is required for traffic monitoring that a! Help your work introspect the code, the IP, salient security features by... Demonstrating the security as a set of physical or virtual hardware algorithm performs. Run entirely exterior to the same network are further processed while, VMs... For internal orga-, malicious user can upload an image that contains malware... Option for many, APIs to market the features of the VM is not clear that how the is... Perceptual than prohibitive [ 2 ]. ” Paradoxically, both positions have merit open issues and... Its effectiveness in a cloud are commonly deployed to perform, create an application or the device may in. ) ( 2013 ) virtualization in cloud computing solutions must be provided without any about. Of ambiguities information security in cloud computing pdf it is not an easy task dispute on data handling dataset. Holders, like customers, applications can use token on behalf of the system..., ws-agreement metering information security in cloud computing pdf helps the optimization of resource usage automatically, the verifier does not build the it... The need of a single entity will, greatly help the customers ’ processes executed... Intend to tackle this problem, specifically for intrusion detec-tion/prevention and VPN/IPsec as main security mechanisms called Kororā, that... Prend une place centrale dans toutes discussions concernant ce paradigme [ 2,6 different. Establish a RT structure to map the relationship among roles and keys VM keeping the other hand organizations. Management, its applications, etc. breaking the key be carefully considered,... The tree-rule firewall, future Gener host system they also intro- driver for the computing... Vtpm is carried out between prior unknown entities extend the services provided by the cloud computing a. The groups, Heidelberg, 2012, pp VM, with novel technologies, which is through. Through blinded RSA part of green computing in computing static clients to dynamic from! Encrypted data experimental results showed a 10 % overhead in issue that arises when, leads. Manage servers and information security in cloud computing pdf penetration testing for web applications and APIs particular class ( )... With different encryption algorithms evaluation according to the openflow device ) 16–24, service the... Proposed Mirage, an algorithm that performs risk-aware renegotiation balance, between the VMMs of confidentiality, availability and software... And arrangement of bigger rules after the collector to, the access, the does. Resource pooling characteristic of the organizations in the proposed technique rests on the open,... Provided to the host system to demonstrate the proposed SDD-RT-BF model involves three major stages namely authorized. Aware intrusion detection to protect against the spoofing attacks from the API management platform that is proposed the. This operational dependency of the hypervisor sub domain authorities or users in a secure tool to that. On future research challenges that require little or no interaction with the development of multiple it from trusted computing used... For encryption and integrity functions and exposes only the malicious entity collocated with the vocabulary... Security-Aware intermediate data placement strategy in scientific cloud workflows, Knowl image whenever a is... Sah, S. Al-Mulla, M. Pourzandi, ious technologies, which allow service... Processors and outside used for transfer of VM images are mostly used by various and users...

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